Panoptic Media Marketing Inc excites during Q1

Panoptic Media Marketing Inc excites during Q1

Panoptic Media Marketing Inc excites during Q1

14 Apr 2016 / Written by  Christina Bevan / News

Brooksville, Florida April 2016 – Panoptic Media Marketing Inc today announced their internal review of the company’s performance during Q1 2016.

In January, Panoptic Media Europe Ltd formally opened an office at the prestigious Imperial Park in Newport, the facilities, and the location allow the promotion of a professional and sustainable atmosphere and also allow the organization to tap into the digital and software talent within the Newport and Cardiff areas.

February brought a new acquisition in the name of Clear-Comms, a leading Copywriting company, which specializes in Plain English Copywriting and counts press release distribution, article writing and proofreading amongst their specialties. With the America’s Media Marketing Division operating mostly in the analog print sector, this was a natural fit for the organization as Clear Comms would be able to assist with the writing of sponsored posts and advertorials.

March 14th brought a further major acquisition in the form of GreatCircle Studios, leading digital marketing agency based in Clearwater, FL, specializing in the design of responsive websites, SEO tools, digital marketing, and digital concierge services, along with software development.

“With these developments comes a need for fundamental changes and a reorganization of the management structure. We have moved Jeff Varnes from Head of Production at America’s Media Marketing to become Director of Production at Panoptic Media Marketing so that Varnes’ experience would be shared amongst the group,” said Daniel Dyer, President of Panoptic Media Marketing Inc.

“Josh Royals, former Operations Manager at Quality Resources, also joined Panoptic Media as Group Sales Manager. In addition, Panoptic moved Melissa Zarn from GreatCircle Studios to be the new Director of Sales and Operations for Panoptic,” continues Dyer

As a result of this, Panoptic has now formed more of a group structure, with America’s Media Marketing (AMM), Great Circle Studios (GCS) and Clear Comms (CC) making up the current divisions with a strong management team keeping the divisions on track.

At the close of Quarter 1 (January 2016 to March 2016), Panoptic Media Marketing now employs 24 employees across the North American and European offices, with 11 of the team working in the sales division.

“Q2 sees the launch of two new divisions at Panoptic, one being PanoSoftware, which is a spin-off from the Software Development services already conducted at GCS, this will allow a greater focus on the bespoke software development needed by our clients and also allow us to work more closely on our own marketing software product line,” said Daniel Dyer. “The second division which will be launched will be PanoBeacon, which is our division dedicated to proximity marketing, we already have some customers in this area where we have developed apps and databases to manage beacon data, however, we are building a highly talented team specialized in software sales and software development,” continues Dyer.

In addition to this exciting news, Panoptic Media Europe has also hired additional staff and will be rolling out GCS’ web design and SEO products across Europe and beyond.

Summing up the 1st quarters results Dyer added, “It’s been an exciting 6 months, with several acquisitions and organic growth, the focus of Q2 is the consolidation and integration of our divisions, whilst making new friends and customers, and we continue to grow and spread the Panoptic brand.”

As part of the recent acquisition strategy, Panoptic Media now has offices in Brooksville and Clearwater, Florida, as well as an office in Newport, South Wales. America’s Media Marketing, Clear Comms, and GreatCircle Studios will continue to trade under their own names as a direct division of Panoptic Media Marketing Inc.

Note to editors:

About Panoptic Media Marketing Inc

Panoptic Media Marketing is a strategic leader in digital innovative advertising & marketing solutions, working directly with global OEM’s to create revenue streams from next generation technologies.

About AMM

America’s Media Marketing is the US leading provider of print media advertising services, the company now offers a digital advertising product line-up, combined with additional marketing services. AMM works with the US Leading Corporate advertisers with placements into the top 100 published magazines, radio & television stations.

About GreatCircle Studios

Great Circle Studios, founded in 2007, is a full-service Web design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Marketing and managed hosting service provider. GreatCircle Studios develops solutions with an “audience-drive” approach to web development and marketing with direct one-on-one communication.

About Clear Comms

Clear Comms is a division of Panoptic Media Marketing, attaining a Gold Standard in Clear English by the Plain Language Commission. Clear Comms customers include UK Leading FTSE 100 and US S&P 500 companies along with many Health, Government, Security and Educational institutions.

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