Print Advertising

Even in this age of smartphones and tablets, print media still appeals to the masses. Print publications can offer one thing that no form of digital media can – tangibility. For many consumers, the fact that you can hold a magazine or newspaper in your hands makes it real, triggering numerous senses at once. In addition, print publications carry a genuine or perceived credibility. Readers trust the information offered by the publication and your advertisements will benefit from that trust.

When consumers read magazines they are much less likely to be distracted by other media or to take part in non-media activities compared to the users of TV, radio or the internet. They are also more likely to read for longer and process the information faster.

Advertising in print gives you considerable control. It allows you to target various readerships, weigh the costs of an advert against circulation, and reach specific consumer groups and diverse geographical areas. Demographics and editorial content, combined with size and placement, deliver your advert to the consumers most likely to act on it. Why would you want to say no to that?

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How do you want to advertise?

America's Media Marketing offers a selection of advertising opportunities to meet your needs.


Full Page Advertising

Full page or double page advertisements in leading national magazines


Display Advertising

3/4 page down to 1/4 page display advertising in leading national magazines


Marketplace Advertising

Direct response advertisements with results by advertising in our marketplace sections in national magazines 


Targeted Niche Advertising

Advertise your company or product in out targeted niche publications, everything from Fantasy Football through to stay at home moms in Twins Magazine

"...I have enjoyed working with you. I always felt (our company's) ad placements were getting special attention. Also, the accuracy of your 'projections and analysis' (on advertising response) contributed greatly to the 38% rise in call volume from June to August..."
Larry Nardolillo
Amerix Corporation
America's Media has been a consistent partner in our Marketplace sections for the past 10 years. Their entire team is professional, courteous and a great extension of my Sales force. I look forward to our continued relationship.
direct action
Tom Emerson
Direct Action Media